During your base training in the weeks and months before marathon training starts is the best time to start strength training if you aren’t already doing so.  During marathon training you can concentrate on maintaining that strength.


Most runners will have suffered from niggles an injuries typically achilles, knee, foot or hip injuries.

The underlying cause of these usually chronic injuries is the overuse of a particular muscle/tendon or ligament and this stems from a lack of strength, stability mobility or balance or often a combination thereof.

Additionally becoming stronger and improving stability, balance and mobility will ultimately also help you with getting faster, running more efficiently and being able to increase your distance on a regular basis.

The focus with strength training for runners will be on improving strength in your code muscles (improving running posture) and legs.

There are a number of different exercises which will be the basis of strength training for runners:

Deadlifts and it’s many variations (Pic): Single Leg, Stiff leg/Romanian deadlift, Deficit deadlift, Standard and Sumo deadlift-if performed correctly this will strengthen the core, upper back and posterior chain (hamstrings, gluts). Squats and it’s many variations: Standard squats, goblet squat, back squat/front squat, pistol squat, Bulgarian split squat: improving strength in quads, hamstrings, gkuts and core if performed with good form

Lunges and variations: Forward or backwards lunges, side lunges, walking lunges, working gluts, quads and hamstrings and core if performed correctly

Glut bridges and hip thrust, emphasising glut t=strength, the muscles which drives your leg forward

Step ups and variations using a box

Challenge Yourself

Don’t be afraid of using a weight that actually challenges your body, if you run on a regular basis you are unlikely to become bulky and build a lot of muscle mass (as running more than  45-60 minutes is catabolic which means it breaks down muscle rather than building it)

It is important that you know how to perform these exercises correctly to be able to get the most out of them and avoid injuries

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