Postural & Biomechanical, Orthopaedic & Neurological Assessments

A thorough assessment before devising a treatment and rehabilitation plan is of utmost importance.

Identifying any underlying postural or biomechanical issues that can lead to injuries is essential to ensure the correct treatment for YOU is chosen and for it to be most effective. Running technique assessments can also be arranged.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports massage is more specific, deeper, more intense & focuses on the area of the body requiring attention. The prime purpose of sports massage is to help alleviate the stress & tension, speed up healing & reduce discomfort.

It is based on various elements of massage and incorporates a combination of techniques involving stretching, compression, friction & trigger point techniques.


Taping & Kinesiotaping

Kinesiotape is said to correct muscle function, improve circulation of blood and lymph, reposition the joint and relieve pain. The science is slightly more involved than that. Kinesiotaping is not used as a substitute for treatment, it is another tool in the box that can be used at the end of a treatment in order to enhance the work done in that session.



Therapeutic ultrasound may help with acute and chronic conditions. Pulsed ultrasound is more superficial and may be used with more acute injuries, where sports massage would be contraindicated.

Continuous ultrasound goes deeper and may be used for more chronic conditions such as tendinitis (inflammation of tendons).


Muscle Energy Techniques & Assisted Stretching

Various assisted stretching techniques, such as PNF and MET, can be used to increase the flexibility of the muscle stretched and can improve/ re-establish full range of motion of a particular joint.


Preventative Homecare & Advice

The aim of prescribing exercises and encouraging rehabilition/prehabilitation is to strengthen areas of the body, which may have played a role in causing your injury. Regular adherence to your rehab plan is important for injury prevention and to promote improved healing. Strength training as offered at MyPTstudio can be a natural progression for injury prevention.


Manipulation / Mobilization

Any joint that is lacking sufficient motion may be mobilized or manipulated. Joint mobilization may help in relieving pain and releasing tension from areas such as the head, neck, ankles, feet, pelvis, wrists, ribs, and spine.

It is widely used to in the treatment of sports related injuries.Joint & manipulation result in improved joint mobility & joint TO Joint mobilization & manipulation may result in in improved joint mobility & joint nutrition, decreased muscle spasms and tension and decreased pain in the affected area.


Running Technique Evaluation

Whether you want to run more efficiently and improve performance or whether you want to learn how to prevent running injuries we can offer you a technique evaluation and offer you advice on how to improve your running form. You will receive a prescription of running drills and exercises which will benefit your particular way of running.

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