Last week’s blog covered why we might want to track our calories when trying to lose body fat.

Calories are always king and you firstly need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight/bodyfat

Why would you want to track the macronutrients as well (protein/fats/carbs)?

When we are looking at tracking macros we firstly want to focus on protein. Protein helps us keep fuller for longer and as it is necessary for building and maintaining muscle mass (muscle is active tissue and burns calories-the more muscle and the less fat the better) we should look at hitting a certain amount of protein.

If you are in a calorie deficit and training/working out at the same time  it is a good idea to  aim for 1g of protein per kg bodyweight (or 2g of protein per 1lb of bodyweight). If you have in the past not consumed much protein then don’t aim to hit these numbers straight away, slowly work your way up to it.

So what to do with the carbs and fats?

These depend more on what your aim is and how you are training.

If we are looking at 30% of your calories coming from protein we have another 70% to play with.

In my triathlete and running clients who do a lot of endurance training I aim to include a higher % or cabs depending on their training volume and if it is a training day or non training day.

In someone looking for fatloss a more equal % distribution between % and fats can be used.

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