Are you trying to lose body fat/weight?

There’s various ways of going about this.

One way of course would be to follow an exact meal plan to ensure that you stay within the calories that are allowed in your plan. This takes some thinking out of it, however it is also quite inflexible, what will you do if you are invited at a friends or you are eating out at a restaurant? Also, recycling the same old fat loss meal plan will eventually get boring and is therefore most likely not sustainable for the long run. And you will not learn much about nutrition following a pre-prepared plan that you buy off the internet.

You could cut out a food group, like eating no more starchy carbs, and that will inevitably mean that you are eating less and be in a calorie deficit, therefore you will be losing weight. Again this approach is probably not very sustainable in the long run and it probably isn’t the healthiest way, our bodies need all the different macronutrients (carbs/fats/protein) to function properly and cutting one of them down drastically therefore isn’t a good idea.

So  what about tracking calories and macros with an App such as Myfitnesspal?

To be honest when I initially started using it I found it fairly time consuming and a bit fiddly and it took one or two attempts until I really got to grips with it.

Once you have started using it, it gets easier as the meals and foods you have had remain stored on the app and you can search them and add them much quicker. It certainly is easier to use the tool if you prepare your food for a couple of days in advance and can enter it right after or whilst you are cooking.

It allows you to be more flexible and if you eat out in certain places a lot of their standard meals will be already included on the App, i.e. Pret, Wagamama etc).

The basic version of any good calorie tracking App will be free and this will be sufficient for most people. It is a more sustainable way of losing and then maintaining weight as you get to know how much you are eating calorie wise after a while even without tracking. Also, there’s no need to cut out entire food groups. The apps can also track how much of each of the macronutrients you are eating on a daily basis, which you may or may not need to get into in detail.

A calorie deficit is most important, then we would look at tracking the protein consumption, but we’ll leave those details for another blog

Have you used a calorie tracking App? How did you find it? Did it help you achieve your goals?

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