The overall structure of a marathon training plan is generally the same and independent of how many runs per week you do.

You will increase the mileage for your long run and your overall weekly mileage for 3 weeks, generally by no more than 10 % to 15%. Every 4th weeks you will reduce the overall weekly mileage and the length of your long run. This will allow your body to recover better and absorb the training.

Your last long run is usually 3 weeks out from the marathon and you will then taper down the length of your long run.

Most marathon training plans will have a variety of different runs scheduled:

Long (slow) run: 1/week, this run should be slower than other runs during the week, it’s about time spent on your feet

Recovery run (day after long slow run). Recovery pace, also listen to your body and base pace on how fatigued you are.

Tempo run: Push the pace after a warm up , you should be breathing harder, depending on goals 1-2/week

Fartleks or intervals: Vary your pace on this run between easy and hard

Track training session: Focus on 1mile, 1k, 800m on the track. For runners who want to get faster.

Whether and how often you do fartlek /interval and tempo runs will depend on your goals. Track training is not necessary for beginner marathoners who have finishing as their goal.

There are a lot of generic training plans to be found online, however a bespoke training plan will support you in attaining your goals

Contact me if you have a question about goal setting and about which training plan best suits you

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