Why should you consider attending a Running Workshop?

The participants from our first Run Revolution Workshop at MYPTStudio had various reasons for joining our 8 week course:

  • Hoping to prevent injuries
  • Upping the distance to a half marathon or marathon and wanting to be prepared to tackle the new distances
  • Wanting to become faster runners/improving running fitness and form
  • Having initially made lots of progress when they started running they reached a plateau and want to know how to improve
  • Learning about new training techniques
  • Meeting like minded runners

What did our running workshop look like?

We had anyone from near beginner runners, to occasional recreational runners to first time marathoners and someone who had done a number of marathons before.

During week 1 everyone had their running form/technique evaluated by recording it. There was some initial feedback and a follow up e-mail, with tailored advice on how to work on certain aspects of their technique, to each runner individually after reviewing the recordings.

Weeks 2 we looked at running specific activation drills and mobilization, which is important to try and avoid injuries, especially if you are a runner who has struggled with niggles on and off.

Week 3 saw us reviewing running posture and identifying muscles/parts of the body that were tighter than others and how to mobilize and stretch them. We went out for a longer run and practiced fartlek drills.

Week 4 we ran to the local park and then covered the various running drills to improve posture (forward lean) arm movement and foot placement for the entire session. Some of the drills definitely took some getting used to and a bit of practice.


Week 5 we looked more at stability and discussed how this is important to running and tested our group members’ stability and balance and gave them a few exercises to try and work on this, if this proved an area of weakness. We then ran up to Lloyd Park as there is a 400m track painted on the grass during spring and summer and we made people go through some sprint drills, again focusing them on good technique.

Week 6 we worked entirely on some basic strengthening exercises, like squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges and variations of them. Usually as part of every session we would go for a run at the end, except for this session as there was actually quite a bit to work on and most of our participants reported back on Week 7 that they had some sore muscles the next day 😉

During Week 7 we briefly covered what most people think of as specific core exercises such as the plank (this was something our participants had requested) and we then went out for a sweaty hill rep session after a nice warm up. Again important technique points were emphasized.

Week 8 we had a nice leisurely run  after a good warm up and the chance of all the runners bombarding us with questions.

Some of these sessions may vary slightly in our next instalment of the Run Revolution Workshop as we do take the background of all our participants and the various specific needs into account but you can expect that we will cover all the bases that  will hopefully make you a better, less injury prone runner.

It’s been great to see that may of our participants have taken on board a new training technique and are working on their form or maybe working on getting stronger, faster or tackling longer distances.

We are planning on restarting the Run Revolution Workshop in September. As soon as we have dates and further details we’ll let you know.

Here’s some feedback we’ve had from a couple of our first workshop:

Gemma H:

The eight-week Run Revolution course was excellent.  The strength training and regularly practicing running drills targeting better use of arms, stride and forward momentum has been a revelation to me. Since the end of the course my running speed has improved considerably. Beatrice and Jo were very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive throughout. I would recommend Run Revolution to everyone, whether wanting to start running or for the more experienced wanting to improve. The course has boosted my motivation and helped me to enjoy running again.”

Donato E

I found the running workshops an excellent course for people of all levels, but especially for a novice like myself. There is a lot involved in running well and making the most of the coaches expert skills who know their stuff, has been a great enhancement to my running abilities. I am already putting a lot of the running techniques, warm-ups and post-run stretches into my weekly running routine.”

Donato’s first marathon: https://youtu.be/1rNe5j4Vs7w

Hari W

“The running workshop was really beneficial. After having my running analysed I found out why I was having recurring knee problems. Since starting strengthening exercises I was recommended I have barely had any issues and no longer have to ice my knee after every run”

Ally W:

“The big thing for me was the strength & conditioning & supporting stuff, squats, deadlifts, etc. I have been doing this twice a week since that session & have really noticed a difference. I have even added weights to my dumbbells last week!  I am trying to be a lot more conscious of my technique since being reminded about it. I’m feeling stronger & faster on almost every run at the moment.I don’t want to get too over confident too soon but I’m feeling pretty good about running at the moment!