Aside from providing Personal Training Services for weight/fat loss clients I specialize in a couple of different areas:

  • Strength & Conditioning for Runners, Triathletes and Duathletes (also other sports)
  • Powerlifting
  • Rehabilitation and Strength training after Injuries
  • Weightloss in clients with hormonal issues: Adrenal fatigue, peri-menopause, menopause, PCOS, hypothyroid and associated symptoms

Why have I chosen these particular specialties?

Why do I work with Runners?

I have been running for years myself, all the way up to marathon distance, and ended up competing in both long distance triathlons and shorter distance duathlons, the latter of which I managed to be very competitive in in my age group.

6 years ago I became a UKA certified Running Coach and I have since then attended many seminars and workshops by well known running coaches or athletes which ahs furthered my knowledge.

Overtime I became more and more convinced that practically all runners can benefit from strength and conditioning work.

  • It will make them stronger (the obvious point)
  • It should help prevent injuries
  • It will make a runner more efficient

What does the service entail?

Part of this service is a movement and running technique assessment.

Based on these assessments and the client’s goals I will put together a specific training programme that will ensure we are working on specific muscular weaknesses and that we are mobilizing /stretching/activating muscles and joints where necessary and appropriate.

We will work on particular running drills which will help improve running efficiency and which will improve the runner’s speed and ability to add distance to their runs if they are for example training for a marathon.

I also provide bespoke individualized run training plans, which can be bought as a one off plan or as monthly plans including coaching and review of data from a GPS watch/strava etc.

All the above services are available 1:1 and online and different packages are available.

For any inquiries regarding any specific running goals/strength and conditioning and training plans contact or 07984 052823.