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I was just reminded by Facebook that it has already been a year since Croydon Sports Therapy and MYPTstudio opened their doors on St George’s Walk.

It has been an eventful and successful year for all of us, filled with lots of hard graft but also fun and laughter.

It ‘s hard to believe that merely one year down the line we’re now both looking at expanding our businesses.

MYPTstudio will expand into the space next door to our current premises from November and we will have the builders getting to work next month. Upstairs will be more gym space and downstairs will be expanded clinic space.



We’re looking at 2-3 additional treatment rooms in addition to the existing rooms and a  spacious waiting room area as well. With this expansion we will be rebranding and it made most sense to me to go with MYPTtherapy as the new name as we want to provide excellent training and clinic services all under one roof.

There will be an online booking system, we’re working away on getting the website sorted out currently all to be launched by the end of the year.

We are hoping to add an osteopath or chiropractor and physiotherapist to our roster of existing practitioners still and are in talk already in getting a Beauty Therapist and Acupuncturists and Nutritionists on board in addition to the existing Holistic, Sports/Remedial and Shiatsu Massage and Exercise rehabilitation Services
The MTPTtherapy ethos is not solely on treatment, but reflects the clinic’s aim to promote achievable lifestyle improvements and preventative measures, with an emphasis on exercise  rehabilitation, nutritional advice, stress reduction and lifestyle changes

We will keep you up to date via the blog posts and facebook page about the progress of our expansion over the next few months.

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