Whether or not you got a place in London marathon, if you’re running any marathon next sprint it’s probably a good time to start thinking about how to structure your training before your 16 week training plan kicks in from the end of this year. The better prepared you are the more enjoyable the experience will be both training-wise and on the day 🙂

  • Make sure you prepare yourself well before your actual marathon training starts

Don’t jump from 2 runs/week to 4 runs a week in your plan and from running no more than 6 miles for a long run to 10 miles. The weekly mileage increase would be too high and you’re at a higher risk of injury. Also, now is the time to get strong for marathon training. Practically every runner can benefit from running specific strength and conditioning, so get yourself down into the gym or ask an experienced Personal Trainer for guidance.

  • Maintain  some level of cross training

Even during marathon training try and include some core and strength training into your routine.


  • Mix up your training runs.

Make sure you don’t just vary the distance of your runs. You should run your long run of the week relatively slowly and have a recovery run in it as well. Tempo and fartlek runs and possibly even intervals at a track session (depending on your goals) and hill sprints can and should form part of your training plan.

  • Learn about good running form and use it

Again now is the time to work on this, maybe with a running coach. Proper running form can make you more efficient and expend less energy on your training runs. Important when you pile on the mileage from week to week.

  • Nutrition on the day and in training

Make sure you practice your nutrition strategy in training. Use the gels who are planning to use in the race in training as well, or the jelly beans, or whatever else you might use on marathon day to fuel your body.

Also make sure that you eat plenty of nourishing foods, including lots of vitamins and minerals during training. Post a training run refuelling with protein (for muscle) and carbs (for energy) is important.


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