Goals will differ from person to person, you may be a seasoned runner looking for a Personal Best or you may have just started running and the challenge is to finish the marathon.


You can still have a time target in mind if it is your first marathon, but be realistic  even if you have run ½ marathons before, a marathon, it  is more than just doubling the distance at least mentally and physically. Doubling your time for a half and adding 10-20minutes will give you a good time to target for your marathon, as long as your training goes well.

Be realistic

Make sure your goal is realistic. Consider the time it takes to do all your training runs, how many days per week can you run, make sure you can set Saturday or Sunday aside to get your long runs done. Is it feasible for you to use a running track if your plan asks you to do this, what are your alternatives?

Plan ahead

Are you planning any races during marathon training and where do they fit in? Are you traveling for work or will you be on holiday between January and April and how will this affect your training? You don’t have to have it all figured out now, as training plans can be flexible to a degree, but make sure you do plan ahead and make sure you understand what it’ll take to achieve your goals.


I offer a number of different services and packages:

  • Running technique evaluation, Mobility and strength assessments
  • 1:1 Running specific Personal Training Sessions
  • Training plans
  • Online coaching (running and strength)