In her article “Repeat Offenders” in the January 2016 edition of the Women’s Running UK magazine Lisa Jackson portrays 3 different women who all have taken on feats of endurance such as 60 marathons in 60 days or running four 100mile ultras in five months.

One of the questions that comes up is how do can you do this without getting ill or injured?

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I was called on as an expert (Running Coach & Sports Therapist) to answer this question:

Sleep and rest are key, as that is when our bodies recover & repair. Try and establish a regular sleep pattern.

Schedule regular rest days where you don’t run and instead schedule time with family¬†and friends or perhaps have a sports massage

Strength and Core Training (ask a Personal Trainer or Running Coach for advice on what exercises are best)

Cross training sessions, with limited time cycling will give you the most benefit for running but without the impact

Diet: Eat healthy, avoid junk and processed foods. Ensure you eat enough and refuel well after your long runs.

Get a running coach for a training plan and feedback on how you are doing to make sure you progress and avoid the risk of overtraining.

Have a regular yearly check up with a physio or sports therapist to establish what weak points you may need to work on in your off season/between long training periods.

Of course this article is also relevant for other types of high volume endurance training such as for long distance cycling or training for an Ironman triathlon and other types high volume training (i.e.strengthtraining).