A good therapist should guide you all the way back to full fitness and health after an injury. This includes prescribing you certain homecare advice, such as exercises, stretching, icing etc.

So here’s 4 reasons why you should follow your therapists advice especially in regards to those pesky exercises and stretches he or she may have given you to do:

  • Recovery Time:

If you follow the advice in regards to rest, ice and return to activity you should have a quicker recovery time.

  • Reduced risk of re-injury

Whilst some studies out there don’t fully agree with this, it is still very likely that if you really follow your therapists advice you will be stronger and therefore the risk of re-injury is likely to be reduced.



  • You may see improvement in performance

If you diligently work on strengthening, flexibility, mobility and balance once you return to full fitness you may be stronger than before your injury. This may well lead to improved perdormance in your chosen sport

  • Weak points may become your strength

Commonly injuries are due to repetitive strain and overloading of joints and muscles and caused by imbalances in the body. If you work on strengthening weak areas, create improved mobility and flexibility in tight areas and improve the balance between i.e the right and left side of your body you will come away from your injury stronger and fitter and more ready to take on new challenges.

As annoying as injuries can be we can turn this around and look at them as opportunities to improve our overall fitness and come out of it at the other end stronger both mentally and physically.


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