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Why Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and pain caused by musculoskeletal problems. Whether you’re an athlete or a fair weather runner, injuries, aches & niggles are sure to affect you at some point.


Our aim is to get you back moving again by employing the most appropriate treatment modalities and by setting up your individualized treatment & training plan.


We will chose from a number of Sports/ Remedial Massage Techniques as appropriate to speed up healing and reduce discomfort during the rehabilitation process.


Your health and well-being is at the center of our overall care from initial post injury treatment to rehabilitation and getting you back to your favorite activity.


What our clients are saying

'Bea is an excellent therapist& Personal Trainer. My symptoms were very complex and challenging issues which other therapists and a private Consultant had been unable to help with. Bea provided an integrated and preventative approach and after a few sessions advice on correct lifting techniques, postural, ergonomics, diet, mobility and exercise I'm pain free fitter and stronger than ever.
Steven P Regional General Manager
Beatrice managed to get me ready for a big ballroom dancing event in October. Very effective massage, I did recommend her to my dance partner and colleagues. I will take on her advice on strengthening as well as I believe it will improve my performance.
Yulia M Amateur Latin Dancer (#3 in World)
Beatrice has been treating me for a few months for a foot problem related to running. Throughout the acute care and now rehabilitation she has been nothing but professional. She has a very pragmatic approach and she won’t blind you with science.
Remi L Runner
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